Merchant API

MerchantAPI is a WSDL compliant web service that uses SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) protocol for transferring information.
Information security is ensured by the use of HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Sockets Layer). All information requests are authorized with a unique combination of Username (API username) and Password (API password).

With implementation of MerchantAPI the interaction with customers while selecting merchandise, forming an order as well as the transaction registration are done on the merchant website. In order to debit user’s account and credit merchant's account the script must send a special request to the web-service of MerchantAPI and process the response with the transaction result report.

The interface supports the following activities:

  • debiting user's account and crediting merchant's account;
  • debiting merchant's account and crediting user's account;
  • getting information about user;
  • getting transactions history with a specific filter;
  • getting detailed information on a specific transaction.

Procedure of payment from user’s account through MerchantAPI:

Realization examples:

There are ready-to-use libraries covering WSDL specification for most programming languages and technologies:
realization examples.

Description of MerchantAPI:

MerchantAPI.v2.en(PDF, 5,1 MB)

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