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How to increase conversion?
Detailed and accurate information about your company, payment methods and refund procedures increase customer confidence and loyalty while paying online.
Use templates of the information blocks to design your website pages.
Payment methods
Your website may contain information about possible payment methods.
You can indicate that payments are processed by PayAnyWay service, and show a hyperlink to

References for the "Payment Methods" page of your website:
Your website should contain contact information (phone number, e-mail, opening hours), payee information and its legal details (at least a legal entity name or an individual entrepreneur full name, legal address, INN, KPP).

An example of the "Contacts" page
Company name: "Company Name" (LLC)
INN/KPP: 7725000000/772500000
Legal address: 121614, Moscow, Krylatskaya street, 17k1, office 457
Actual address: 121614, Moscow, Krylatskaya street, 17k1, office 457
Opening hours: Mon - Fri, 9:00 - 18:00
Phone: +7 (495) 12-34-567

You can post a map on the website and point out your office, pick-up points, showrooms, offline stores on it. Also indicate opening hours, phone numbers. It's easy to create a map in the constructor.

Contract offer
An online store website may contain the documents required for making the transaction between the online store and the consumer according the requirements of Russian Federation legislation (contract offer and/or other documents).
Return policies
According to consumer protection legislation the consumer can return or change the goods in some cases. Return policies procedures must be posted on your website.

References for the "Return policies" page of your online store:
Service cancellation
If your online company provides services to consumers, your website must contain information on the service cancellation procedures and conditions on the part of the consumer.

References for the "Service cancellation" page of your online srvice:
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